Formula for Fast Improvement

Yes, there is a scientifically proven formula for improving and learning quickly. For guitar (and all musical instruments) the formula is the same. Of course, it's not as simple as A + B = C, but it's not calculus either. Let's say you have a phrase of music you are learning or want to improve; here's how you should go about it: 1) PLAY PHRASE AS PRECISELY & RELAXED AS POSSIBLE This means NO MISTAKES! And you need to be using as little effot as possible. Think of yourself as a brain surgeon in surgery. If you're too tense and not careful, you'll mess up. One tiny mistake and...very bad consequences. As a musician you need to have brain surgeon precision and hardly any tension. 2) REST & REL

How Can I Play Fast Scales? (Part 1)

I have the answer! It's guaranteed to work and you'll sound amazing! *****This exercise is geared toward students who can already alternate i & m through scales easily and comfortable (not necessarily quickly) using rest-strokes. If you cannot do this yet, please READ the exercise but DO NOT TRY TO DO IT! (The idea behind this method can be used for all techniques so it's a good idea to at least understand the concept.)****** Speed Bursts (or Note-Groupings) I. FOUNDATION FIRST (VERY IMPORTANT ) Before you can begin to build speed with scales on the guitar, you need to first be able to play alternate fingers (i & m) on open strings correctly, precisely and with good tone and dynamics. A. Pla

How Many Hours Should I Practice?

This is a questions I (Diego Alonso) get all the time. And, of course, there's no single answer. Practice time depends on quite a few factors that I discuss and plan with my students in class. Here's a great arcticle by Dr. Noa Kageyama (Juliard) that explains this a bit more:

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