Choosing A Classical or Flamenco Guitar

The first things to decide when buying a classical and/or flamenco guitar are how much you want to spend and how "high-end" of a guitar you want to buy. Both classical and flamenco guitars range widely in both price and quality. Cheap, factory-made, beginner guitars can cost around $150. Decent, factory-guitars can range between $250-$900. Great factory guitars run between $1000-$1800. After that, you're looking at hand-made guitars. Those run anywhere from $1,000-$15,000 depending on the maker and quality. Collector guitars (from famous deceased luthiers) can be upwards of $200,000. In any case, here are 8 basic things look for when buying a good classical or flamenco regardless of your bu

Overcoming Challenges

No matter how hard we try to practice something perfectly, we're always going to run into challenges and we're always going to make mistakes. Getting through these challenges (trouble spots) can be very time consuming and may seem almost impossible to overcome if you don't approach them the right way. Let's take a look at the "wrong" way first: 1) You start playing through a phrase of music and run into trouble spot. 2) Despite the mistake or difficulty you play though the trouble spot to the end of the phrase. 3) You run through the trouble spot about 10 times. 4) On the 11th try you finally get it right and move on to the next phrase. What you've just done is played the phrase wrong 10 tim

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