The Illusive Barre

Do you get dead notes or buzzing on your barre finger when you plant a barre chord? Is it painful or vey uncomfortable to play barre chords? When planting a barre chord that includes your 2nd finger (e.g., F chord in first position), is your 2nd finger screaming for help? Here are some quick tips that will help! 1) Pivot barre finger slightly away from you so that your barring a bit on the outside of the barre finger. You'll open up a tiny bit of space between the barre finger and fret. Keep the barre finger "leaning" away and slide it closer to the fret. This will help your other fingers be more comfortable and allow you to press less over all. 2) Pick which notes under the bar really need

Improving Tone

Are you hearing clicking, popping, mutted, or uneven tone when you play? If so, there are a number of easy ways to improve you tone. Here are a few ideas that will help improve your tone. 1) TIP-JOINTS Try relaxing your right-hand tip-joints when you play. Think of you finger tips as feathers that brush across the string rather than as hooks that pluck the string. 2) RIGHT HORIZONTAL HAND POSITION Try moving your hand around, horizontally, while you play. Play toward the fret board, toward the sound hole, behind the sound hole, and close to the bridge. Notice how this changes your right hand tone. Use this technique as another expressive tool. 3) UPWARD, NOT OUTWARD When playing arpeggios o

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