Guitar Harmony 1: Introduction

What are Chords? What are Scales? Chord Substitutions? Voicing? Inversions? Ahhhh!!! Harmony is VERY EASY! You just have to understand and memorize a few simple rules and content and you'll get it in no time. Here's a brief introduction to get you started: The first 4 things you need to memorize to begin understanding harmony on the guitar are these: 1) The Definition of a Scale. 2) Key Signatures 3) Chord Formulas 4) Notes on the fretboard 1. WHAT IS A SCALE? A scale is simply a predetermined number of notes in succession with a predetermined number of half-steps or whole-steps (i.e., 2 half-steps) between each note. (On a guitar the frets are a half-step apart.) The Chromatic Scale The "Pa

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