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Private Guitar Lessons in Chicago for kids, yougn adults, and adults.


The Sonanta School of Guitar, directed by flamenco guitarist and educator Diego Alonso (M.A. Flamenco), offers private guitar lessons, tutoring & coaching by expert teachers in flamenco, classical, jazz & Latin jazz for ages 14 and up.


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What is coaching?

Diego Alonso (M.A. Flamenco) is flamenco and classical guitar coach and tutor based in Miami who trains and guides you through technical and musical challenges so that you can get to the next level. Coaching & tutoring involve a detailed analysis of your technique and musical expression, combined with research based problem-solving techniques and strategies, to make sure that your practice and performance approach and execution are as effective as possible. Every top athlete has a coach that instructs them, on a daily basis, on how to improve and become the best in their fields. And all research in the psychology of Skill Acquisition and Expertise (see K. Anders Ericcson) shows that people in every field absolutely need coaching to get to the tops of their fields.


Diego Alonso will teach you the most effective, step-by-step practice methods, backed by current scientific research, so that you can significantly improve your practice alone, get past plateaus quickly, and not waste time with inefficient practice. Nothing will ever replace having a coach physically present every time you sit down to practice, but if you learn these principles early and apply them at home, you will see great results faster than you may have seen in the past.

What will a guitar coach (guitar tutor) do?

Diego Alonso will analyze your practice methods in a very detailed manner and show you how to develop the most effective strategies to improve quickly. He will guide you through the following steps of effective practice: 

  • Deliberate Practice*

  • Spaced Practice

  • Interleaved Practice

  • Variable Practice

  • Correct Repetition

  • Musical Phrasing

  • Musical Expression

  • Performance Practice

"Deliberate practice" (as coined and researched by psychologist K. Anders Ericcson) is the corner stone of proper practice and effective coaching. It involves detailed analysis of your playing and various steps needed to correct and overcome challenges in order to get to highest level in your field. It involves consistent training with immediate feedback and correction by your coach. Coaching is an extremely efficient and precise process that requires lots of concentration and guarantees results.

Who needs coaching or tutoring?

Everyone who wants to improve quickly, correctly, and be amazing at what they do needs coaching. A good coach with be able to help the following people:

  • Beginners who want to make sure they are doing everything correctly from the start

  • Intermediate students wanting to make sure they are practicing correctly

  • Advanced students who need help getting to the next level

  • Anyone who feels they have plateaued

  • Anyone having trouble improving a particular technique or executing a difficult passage in a piece of music

Coaching is a necessary part of learning and improving so I will always include a bit of coaching in our regular lessons. That said, I highly recommend that students schedule coaching lessons instead of regular lessons at least once a month. Coaching rates for current students are the same as regular, 60-minute lesson rates. 

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Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Hate Policy

It is the policy of the Sonanta School of Guitar and its teachers not to engage in discrimination, hate, bigotry, or harassment against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, disability, national origin, citizenship status, ancestry, age, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or status as a protected veteran, and to comply with all federal and state nondiscrimination actions, orders, and regulations.

The Sonanta School of Guitar and its affiliated teachers reserve the right to discontinue lessons immediately and permanently with any and all students who promote, attempt to promote, or are suspected of promoting, discriminatory and/or hate messages as stated above. 

Private Guitar Lessons in Chicago for kids, yougn adults, and adults.
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