Flamenco Lectures & Workshops

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Diego Alonso (M.A. Flamenco) offers in-person and online lectures, workshops and school assembly programs on flamenco music, dance and history for universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and other educational institutions.


Now accepting bookings for 2022-2023

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Flamenco School Assembly: History, Music and Dance from Spain

Diego Alonso (M.A. Flamenco) presents "Flamenco History, Music & Dance" for school assembly programs, workshops and lectures in Miami, across the U.S. and Canada. This preentation is an interactive, educational, and bilingual performance on flamenco history, music and dance for elementary schools, high schools, universities and educational institutions. Diego's flamenco ensemble features world-class local and international flamenco guitarists, flamenco dancers, flamenco singers, percussionists and other musicians who are dedicated to multicultural music performance and education. We have given over 500 hundred energetic flamenco school assemblies since 2002.

Flamenco Presentation Details

  • 45-60 minute lecture or educational performance.

  • Bilingual presentation (Spanish-English).

  • Audience Participation.

  • Q&A



  • Spain: Music, Dance & History of Flamenco

  • Flamenco guitar, vocals, flamenco dance & percussion

  • Intersectional Topics (upon request): Flamenco & Cuban Music, Flamenco Fusion, Cultural Significance, Flamenco + Sociology, Traditional and Contemporary Flamenco Harmony, Flamenco + Gender Studies, Flamenco + Race & Ethnicity Studies, Flamenco + Jazz, Flamenco + Classical Music, Musicology and Ethnomusicology.

Flamenco Ensembles

  • Trio: 1 guitarist, 1 guitarist/singer, and 1 flamenco dancer.

  • Quartet: 1 guitarist, 1 dancer,  1 singer & 1 percussionist.

  • Quintet: 1 guitarist, 2 dancers, 1 singer & 1 percussionist.

  • Sextet:  2 guitarists, 2 dancers, 1 singer & 1 percussionist.

  • Flamenco Latin Jazz Ensemble (quartet, quintet or sextet): 1 guitarist, 1 percussionist & 1 bassist + dancer(s), violin, brass, harmonica, wind &/or piano/keyboard players.

  • Lectures w/o an ensemble are presented by Diego Alonso.


  • Elementary schools (K-8).

  • High Schools (9-12).

  • Universities (assemblies, workshops, lectures, and master classes).

  • Other Educational Institutions.


Technical Details

  • Setup: 20-45 minutes.

  • Takedown: 10-15 minutes.

  • Professional PA/Amplification, Cables, and Microphones provided by artists.

  • Small, wooden, dance floor ("tablao") provided upon request.

  • Lead musician arrives 30-60 minutes prior to start-time.

  • Lead musician works closely with your program coordinator and sound engineer.​​

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