4-Finger Rasgueado (CAMI)

The 4-FINGER rasgueado (CAMI) in flamenco guitar is likely one of the oldest rasgueados in the series. It is played with by extending fingers C (little), A (ring), M (middle) and I (index) and often following up the extensions by contracting the “I” finger to create a loop. This rasgueado is often played with clear rhythmic separation between the fingers although a more compact (i.e., less separated) sound can be used as well depending on the guitarist’s aesthetic preference. In this video, I share examples of the CAMI rasgueado and share a few exercises so that you can develop this technique correctly.

This video is appropriate for beginner to intermediate students of both flamenco and classical guitar. For flamenco and classical guitar lessons please reach out to me at www.diegoalonsomusic.com


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